What people say about me

Donal Suter – Head of Design at Solirius Consulting

I’ve really enjoyed working with Petr. Not only is he a Ruby ninja with a lot of technical expertise, but he is also very friendly and easy to chat with and very good at taking ownership of problems and working with stakeholders to get them resolved.

Petr is also one of those people who likes to take a proactive approach to fix things that might have been overlooked or to suggest improvements to help users get a better experience from the products he is working on. I’d would definitely like to work with him again.

Anas Alaoui – Senior Front-End

Petr is good at taking the time and evaluating what are the best solutions. I felt that when working with him, but not just in development.

That could translate to finding the most ergonomic bag for running, the most economical and healthy way of drinking water and reading about productivity approaches to improving a process.

All those things make you a person of trust and a source of knowledge for the people around you.

Ladislav Martincik – Access Protocol, Amenti Studio, Web2, Web3 projects

I’ve had pleasure to work with Petr for almost 2 years and be his good friend for almost 4 years now. I like his endless passion for discovering new stuff and technology innovations every day.

He has been always looking at problems from different point of view and this ability made him very valuable team member of our team. If I could choose him as member of my next team I would not hesitate to contact him and offer him job.