4 PR rules none one is talking about 

I’ve worked with many companies on lots of projects. Here are 4 crucial things I’ve learned over the years about raising a PR. 

Btw: I’m talking about the structure of the pull request, not the code in it. 

Name your PR correctly
I include an RST number representing a unique ID linked to the Jira ticket.
And I add short descriptions like “fix for typo” or “always display presentation page.” 

Branch name does matter
My branching structure has a system, and I also include the RST number. This way, when I track a change in the future, I can track down a (Jira) ticket that describes why someone else or I made the changes.

Link to the source
Include a link to the ticket. It’s just faster to navigate to your sprint board for all parties involved in your PR. 

Commit messages matters
My commit message makes sense. You can tell what is the commit about from the screenshot. 

You can argue, that you don’t have to link to your (Jira) tickets because you have a good description in your commits and your PR description. And sure, you can do it. But over the years, I found that linking straight to the source makes sense. 

And yes, sometimes it makes sense to add more information about your PR to description too. Just use common sense. 

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