I’m not working

Yes that’s right, despite the fact that I’m employed by Unboxed I’m not working anymore. I’m going to work every day, programming some stuff but it’s not work for me anymore. Really.

I have had this feeling since I start working with Rails and this feeling became stronger when I came to London and joined Unboxed. I had heard about Agile and Scrum and I had tried to practise TDD and BDD before, but it’s really different here and now.

I joined the real world of Agile. I was so excited (and scared) when I had my first standup and my first retrospective. I’m still excited, because everyday is different. One day we have to do standup without our Product Owner (PO) because he is stuck at the tube. On another day, I was alone since everyone else was on holiday. Is it still a standup if only one developer and the PO are present? I think that it is, because the important thing is that I can tell him what is going on and another day of excitement can start.

Of course there are days when I’m tired, but you can be tired even after sitting on the beach with a Mojito in one hand and great book in the other. At the end of a tiring day at the office I look back and discover that I’m tired because I experienced so many new and interesting things.

So what am I actually doing if I’m not working? I’m a little bit scared that I might be dreaming. I’m scared I will wake up in my cubicle with PHP code (without tests) on my screen and without any slight hint of Agile or Scrum and Waterfall knocking on my door. So please don’t wake me; I like it as it is!

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