Hiring as a game

I saw an interview with Amy Jo Kim at Mixergy.com about game mechanics,recently. Today I saw Slideshare called Designing a Game Changer by Philip Fierlinger from Xero. At the and of the presentation is short notice that Xero is hiring.
Than I just got an idea about making from hiring a game.
Here is example situation:
You are working for big company as a HR person or something like that and you need hire few programmers. As a clever HR person you come out with game called “win a macbook” or some catchy. Rules of the game is simple.
Write some algorithms or complete some tasks. If you want to be more precise you will write more levels of this game and provide some kind of feedback.
The winner of course win the price and you can offer him and other best solvers the job.
If you are lucky some solvers accept your offer. In the end you will have great programmer and save some money for personal agency.
This principle is applicable in larger scale and has of course some difficulties but is just an idea. :)

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